Turtle Zwadlo


Born and raised in the near West suburbs of Chicago,

Christopher “Turtle” Zwadlo picked up the bass at 13 years old because some long haired kid in a leather jacket stopped him on the street and said he needed a bass player, and he’s been at it ever since. After cutting his teeth in hard rock bands and a prog instrumental trio Turtle moved around with stints in Red Wing, Mn, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Richmond Va finally landing outside of Charlottesville. Holding down the low end in bands ranging from Goth to Funk, Classic rock and Blues to Bluegrass and Americana, Turtle is excited to bring his melting pot of styles and experience to Pale Blue Dot. He also stays busy touring and recording with Rob Williams, an artist based out of Richmond, gigging with other Central Virginia bands, as well as writing and performing his own brand of folk songs. He recently released his debut recording titled “Drunken Squirrel Diet”. Turtle currently lives in Crozet, Virginia where he misses city life and stands in the yard at night, staring at the stars.

Turtle’s Gear


Gibson Victory Artist series

Gibson Les Paul

Warwick Stryker fretless

Dean Rhapsody 12 string

Furch Acoustic fretless 5 string

Amp: Euphonic Audio iAMP Micro

Cabs: Euphonic Audio Whizzy 112

           Dr. Bass 2x10

           Dr. Bass 1x15