Tony LaRocco, Vocals and Guitars

Tony LaRocco, Vocals and Guitars


The founder of Pale Blue Dot, LaRocco

grew up playing in bands as a self-taught musician. He eventually moved to Boulder Colorado and attended Naropa University as a music major in his mid 20s. Tony finds inspiration in the study of the natural world, more specifically the night sky. He spent a bulk of his early twenties traveling and backpacking the American West; Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Wyoming to be specific. 




Suhr Classic Pro

Fender Telecaster (custom model)



Suhr Bella Reverb Combo

Zinky Blue Velvet




Walrus Deep Six Compresor

Walrus Audio Voyager OD

JHS Muffuletta

TC Electronic Polytune 2




Stringjoy 11-49