Drew Pompano, Bass

Drew Pompano, Bass


A transplant from Chicago, Pompano's 

involvement with Pale Blue Dot is the result of an accidental meeting at an open mic. Pompano recorded and performed with the roots music big band Jenny Dragon, the chamber folk duo the Aldermaniacs, and also still holds the bass chairs in Seventh Grade Girl Fight, and Juniper's Lark. You may also find him earning his keep by playing in the pit ensembles for local musical theater companies. Though his musical upbringing and schooling revolved around orchestral music and small jazz ensembles, Pompano has recently sought to accompany songwriters from across the spectrum. As a bassist, Pompano is influenced by Esperanza Spalding, Paul Chambers, Sebastian Steinberg, Mark Sandman, Tina Weymouth, and Anthony Braun Perry.  Drew is excited to have a chance to explore the bass in a rock and roll setting. When not practicing, Drew enjoys mountain biking and copious amounts of vegetarian pizza. 





Warwick Jazzman Corvette

Fender Jazz Bass


DR Hi Beam Flatwounds



Ampeg PF 500

Ampeg 2x10 cab



TC Electronic Polytune

MXR El Rio Grande Bass Fuzz

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

MXR analog Chorus