Darby Wootten, Drums

Darby Wootten, Drums


Born and raised in C-Ville, Darby started using music recreationally

at a young age, and has been drumming around town in a number of bands over the last 13 years, including marching for the UVA drumline! Other bands include The Rock River Gypsies, Modern Tactics, Mouzon Bigsby, and the Tyler Dick Band, among others. When not banging on stuff, Darby volunteers at WTJU UVa's  radio station, and he umpires high school baseball...as he enjoys being yelled at. He also owns and operates a drone business, manages a storage facility and the country's oldest Putt - Putt, here in C-ville.





Pearl Master Series Snare

Gretch 22" kick

6 piece mounted Gretch Toms

Sabien 22" Stage Ride

Sabien Rock Crash

Sabien Thin Crash

Sabien 8" Splash

Sabien High Hat



Los Cabos 5b wood tip