Recorded at Blackbird Studios (Nashville), Bias (D.C.), and Monkeyclause (Nelson County Va), Pale Blue Dot's debut LP, Anatomy is a rock record that feels alive and well in 2018. Lyrically exploring the possibility of love amidst personal and political strife, anger, and distrust, Pale Blue Dot's new collection of songs illustrates such complicated emotions with honestly played, authentic musical performances. With Dave Stipe at the production helm, Anatomy was shaped from live recording sessions with little reliance on overdubs. Throughout the recording process, Pale Blue Dot strove to conjure the depth of experience provided audiences with musicianship and human interplay that demands repeated thorough listens. Featuring special appearances from John D’Earth, Butch Taylor, Sam Wilson, Yolanda Jones, and Will Thomas Reed.


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About Pale Blue Dot


Pale Blue Dot is a rock band out of Charlottesville, Virginia, formed by Tony LaRocco. Left turns abound in the band’s approach to arranging, which invokes the members’ influences, ranging from progressive rock to folk to bebop jazz. Pale Blue Dot is an emergent entity founded on robust, educated, and communicative musicianship. But first and foremost, the ensemble is steadfast in its focus on the power of LaRocco’s songwriting.

Vocals, Guitar/Tony LaRocco

Bass/Turtle Zwadlo

Drums/Darby Wootten

Guitars/Dakota Slager




only love for cville

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